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Why Reiki in the workplace?

With life's busy schedules, many of us may not be making time for restorative health practices such as Reiki.

Lighten Up understands the current corporate environment, acknowledging that stress is the number one cause of disease, unhappiness, aging and frustration among employees.

Show your appreciation to your employees, clients, customers and guests at your next event by treating them to a relaxing healing session. We will partner with you to plan the best event to meet your needs. Examples of events that we attend are:

• In-house wellness events and health fairs for employees

• Employee benefits and perks

• In-store customer appreciation event

• Office or holiday party

• Large conference or trade show

Who can benefit from a Reiki treatment in the workplace?  Everyone!

  • admin and management

  • bank and insurance

  • communication and media

  • consultants

  • customer service

  • education and health care

  • human resources

  • IT and engineering

  • procurement and logistics

  • sales and marketing

What happens during a corporate Reiki session?

  • Session duration is tailored to your events needs and requirements.

  • Clients will sit in a chair and be fully clothed, and the practitioner will put their hands on or just above the person.

  • Reiki treatments are individually tailored, allowing one person at a time to benefit from it.

 Benefits to Employer​ or Event Host

  • improves productivity and mental clarity

  • relieves stress and tension in the workplace

  • show commitment to employees and their well being

 Benefits to Employees or Clients

  • improves concentration

  • relieves stress and tension

  • relieves physical and mental fatigue

  • increases energy and improves outlook

  • creates calm and peaceful feelings