During your session, you will receive all of the modalities I offer, as needed, to help you lighten up your vibe!


Return To Your Vibrant Self

Reiki is a technique originated in Japan and is used for stress reduction, relaxation and promotes self-healing. It is simply the name of the life force energy that flows through the universe and everything within it. Treat yourself to therapeutic Reiki to remove energy blocks and experience the power of healing within you.

Reiki Treatment
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Remove Energy Blocks

Dowsing is the detection and transformation of energy with simple tools and the power of heart and thought. I use a variety of brass and wood pendulums to help remove non-beneficial energy and maximize beneficial energy to help restore your body's natural ability to heal.


Your Thoughts Create Your Reality

Taking control of your thoughts is the most important step in self-healing. Learn about the Law of Attraction and how to think about what you DO want and not what you don't want... replace worry with confidence, fear with faith, illness with comfort, and more.



You Can Lighten UP From The Comfort Of Home!

We are more than our physical bodies. Be open to the potential of energy healing from a distance. As long as you're open to receiving, you will get the same benefits as an in-person treatment.


Bring Harmony Back Into Your Home

Your space contains the same energy that your thoughts contain. Lighten UP your home, business or other space with an energetic cleansing and feel the difference!

Home Decorations
Child with Dog


Help Others Heal

Children and animals have incredible energetic connections and respond very easily to Reiki and dowsing. Together we can provide a treatment that works in the best interest of your beloved baby.


Cocktail Party  |  Girls Night  |  Bridal Party
Bachelorette  |  Wellness Weekend

I can provide a positive vibe wherever it's needed! Whatever your party idea is, I can help your guests have a more relaxing and enjoyable time.

Bachelorette Party
Corporate event wellness reiki


Health & Wellness Fairs  |  Corporate Conferences    Retail Events

Treat your employees, customers or event attendees to the wonderful benefits of Reiki energy! Book Lighten UP for your corporate event, conference, office party or wellness fair.



Our services do not replace traditional healthcare from a certified health professional. Please seek care first from a licensed physician or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment, or call 911 if you are experiencing a medical emergency.