Reiki Treatment


Are You Ready To Lighten UP?

Reiki treatment originated in Japan and is used for relaxation, clearing away energy blocks and also promotes self-healing. It is simply a name for the life force vibrational energy that flows through the universe and everything contained within it.

Reducing stress and returning to your sparkling self starts with positive vibrations. Treat yourself with therapeutic Reiki to remove non-beneficial energy and experience the power of healing within you. All healing is self-healing. Your body already has everything it needs to remove dis-ease and return to a state of solid gold health.

The techniques I provide help you to reconnect to this universal life force energy and vitality. A Reiki session will fill you with healing vibes, helping you feel stronger, more confident and healthier overall.  When your life energy, or vibration, is low you feel weak and tired and are more susceptible to illness. This is why it's so important for you to prioritize your health – and right now is the perfect time to treat yourself with Reiki.


• Calming stress related anxiety

• Digestive issues

• Sleeplessness

• Sinus and allergy symptoms

• Lingering cold and flu symptoms

• General pain relief

• Balance chakras

• Pets with anxiety

• Children with general discomfort due to lack of sleep, teething, infections or cold symptoms


(Reiki is not a replacement for issues that require a certified medical professional. Please contact your doctor, dentist or therapist for any medical concerns you have, or dial 911 if you're having an emergency.)