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Cleanse your home (or other space)* of stuck, non-beneficial energies

We all want our home to be sweet, but this is also the place where all of our strongest emotions are often felt. It can be too easy to bring home the messy feelings that come up during the day and that energy then becomes part of the energy of the house. If you're not getting along with the other people in the home, not sleeping well or having bad dreams, or have a general (or strong!) sense of something not being quite right energetically, it's time for an energy healing cleansing!

Clearings can also be done in your place of business, yards, gardens, campers, garages, and any other space you need refreshed. 

Home clearing at a glance...

Using a few tools and the power of thought and intention, we will work together to "clear the air". 

Because it's your space, you will be an integral part to this ceremony. We will use a combination of techniques including Reiki and dowsing, as we go from room to room requesting the removal of all non-beneficial energies and filling the spaces with love and gratitude. It is vital that you show your appreciation for your home and everything in it to bring back the harmony you desire. Once we go through the process together, you will have everything you need to continue to do this on a regular basis. This is a fun activity that the whole family can participate in. Children especially enjoy the process and benefit immensely from the refreshed energetic vibe! 

When to Cleanse?

• Cleanse before putting a house on the market so potential buyers feel the positive vibes as soon as they come in the door!

• When moving into a new home or business. Get a fresh start!

• After a death, illness or separation from someone who created disharmony in the space.

• In the spring or early summer when you can open the windows and let in the fresh air and light after a long winter with little air circulation and sunshine.

• If you're feeling creatively stuck or you want to start a new project with a fresh perspective.

• If you're having trouble sleeping, refreshing the bedroom might be just what you need to create a more

relaxing environment and clear away the thoughts and worries that keep you awake.