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A Unique Approach to Healing

Dowsing is the detection and transformation of energy using high vibrational healing tools and the power of heart and thought. Dowsing has long been known as a way to find water and minerals, but modern dowsers also use these skills to detect, transform and balance physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energies. Nature wants us to return to balance and therapeutic pendulums are perfectly designed to reconnect us to our true selves.

These tools have special shapes that react to the various layers of energy around your body. You've probably heard the term "aura". Contained within our aura, is all of the vibrational energy of our thoughts, emotions and ailments, as well as the energy of people around us. The aura has an almost magnetic pull within it, that gives it the ability to hold onto all of that energy. This is what is known as "stuck" energy. This stuck energy then creates blockages and prevents us from receiving positive vibrational energy that we need to heal and feel at peace.

The pendulum is simply held over your body, or over your image during a remote session, and it beings to spin. The direction of movement determines the benefit it is providing.  Counter clockwise removes or disconnects non-beneficial energies and clockwise adds in or maximizes beneficial energies.

Simply setting the intention to help you Lighten UP is the key to success!


• Calming stress related anxiety

• Digestive issues

• Sleeplessness

• Sinus and allergy symptoms

• Lingering cold and flu symptoms

• General pain relief

• Balance chakras

• Pets with anxiety

• Children with general discomfort due to lack of sleep, teething, infections or cold symptoms


(Dowsing is not a replacement for issues that require a certified medical professional. Please contact your doctor, dentist or therapist for any medical concerns you have, or dial 911 if you're having an emergency.)