Meet Maureen


Hi there!

I've been fascinated by energy healing since I was introduced to acupuncture in 2001. After receiving my first treatment out of curiosity, I noticed my energy level had vastly improved when I woke up the next morning. That transformation, going from exhausted to vibrant overnight, proved to me that there is something magical and exciting that happens when you work with energy practitioners.

Over the years since then, I've continued to regularly receive energy treatments across various modalities, to make sure that I take care of myself and release blocks that can hold me back from performing at my best physically, mentally and emotionally. In 2016, I heard about dowsing for healing and was immediately intrigued. I began my training with the world renowned dowser and gifted intuitive, Alicja Aratyn. I find the processes she teaches and dowsing tools she offers to be very powerful at removing non-beneficial energy and supplying healing energy.

After a year of learning this modality, I decided to pursue my Reiki Master certification, which I started with the masterful teacher Lourdes Gray and received the final certificate through the incomparable teachings of Quilting Health's Elena Cavallo in 2019.

Through my practice, I have witnessed immediate relief and “lightening up”, and want to help you feel the abundant benefits Reiki and dowsing have to offer. The essence of this universal energy transcends states of consciousness beyond what we usually are aware of, and takes us up into ever more vibrant feelings of peace, joy and happiness, while helping us develop healthy, positive traits in our personalities.

I'm also the founder of I Love My Nighty–luxuriously soft, eco-friendly loungewear that provides the essential transition to a soothing evening that we all crave after a kickass day at the office, an energetic workout or a day from hell. Both of these professions give me the opportunity to promote the importance of treating yourself with love, kindness and beauty.

Let’s get in touch so you can experience these healing vibes for yourself!